Wind Turbines

Providing Application Centric Designs



  • Project scope

    • Substantiating report

  • System design

  • Quote, with storage options

  • System

    • Development​

    • Installation

    • ​Service​


  • Safety in Operation

  • No Thermal Runaway

  • No Fire

  • Minimal HVAC Needs

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty on Batteries

  • Best Power Density

  • Lowest Operating Cost

  • UL 9540A Certified


MPGS is committed to ensuring availability of tech support throughout the life of the product. During the system design phase MPGS will investigate the options of installing appropriate remote communication features to enable instant dialogue with the system.

Solar Energy


Modular Power Grid Systems (MPGS) is a California company directed by an experienced
engineering and business team with over 50 years’ experience in developing batteries and systems for many power applications. Located in southern California, the company is

well-positioned to provide best possible solutions for various power applications.

The mission of Modular Power Grid Systems is to design, manufacture and support chemistry agnostic battery storage for applications requiring high power and energy, while maintaining SAFE, GREEN and SUSTAINABLE solutions.

At MPGS, latest available battery technology is vetted through a stream of rigorous performance requirements, which also encompass current environmental needs. These power storage devices will be safe, support all green initiatives, be power efficient, and will not require excessive controls to function. As a consequence, MPGS can provide a system that, by design, has a lower total cost of ownership.





Operating Voltage

Power and Run Times


630V to 420V

6.7 MW for 3.6 Minutes


1,260V to 840V

4.0 MW for 8.0 Minutes


1,500V to 1,000V

2.0 MW for 15 Minutes

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 4.24.22 PM.png


Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 1.12.25 PM.png

Definition of the factors under Environmental Impact

  • CROP: Carbon Return on Customer Purchase

    • Measures the greenhouse gases avoided by use of Safe-Tech chemistry, per kWh of storage

  • GHG: Greenhouse Gases                                         

    • GHG emissions are measured as CO2 equivalent per kWh of stored energy

  • Energy Footprint

    • A measure of energy input per kWh of stored energy

  • Water Footprint

    • ​Amount of water use for raw material extraction and manufacturing processes per kWh of
      stored energy

  • Solvent / VOC Footprint

    • ​Measures the Volatile Organic Content required for manufacturing per kWh of stored energy

  • Carbon Payback Time

    • ​Time required for emissions savings from product’s use to offset the GHG of its production.
      Evaluation is based on 500 cycles per year for every year of operating life and that each kWh of
      stored energy (and associated losses) is supplied by non-emitting electricity and displace
      marginal U.S. grid electricity.